About us

Founded by me, Jayna Patel in 2016, Yauvana House is a small company that is passionate about making organic, natural, and chemical-free products for hair and skin. I have very sensitive skin, so I set out on a mission to make my own face masks, hair oils and eventually, a face oil by using the purest organic oils, clays, and salts. When my friends and family started noticing my drastic hair growth and ageless skin, I decided to ditch my 9-5 and start my mission: provide handmade organic products that have positive results and have been tested in house, never on animals.

Yauvana means "youth" in Sanskrit which is essential to our line since we promote youthful skin and nourished hair. We use only organic ingredients for our products that not only work on hair and skin but also smell just as good as they look. Although our products are all natural, they are not edible so don't try to eat them!

Note: At Yauvana House, our products are all handmade, hand cut and hand packaged. Handmade soaps last longer if kept dry between uses. Use a soap dish or store in a dry area after use.

Disclaimer: We make natural products with only the finest organic ingredients that are beneficial for your skin, but the statements presented on this site have not been evaluated by any official governing body. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.